Volume 7, Issue 1, October 2017

Evidence-based professionalism in small specialist HE course management – reflexive thoughts on ongoing research.
Nieky Van Veggel, Anglia Ruskin University, 
Pages, 1-19 
The Impact of Doctoral Studies on Personal and Professional Lives
Alison Hramiak, Sheffield Hallam University 
Pages, 20-39
Mixing work with therapy: a work based autoethnography
Alison Fixsen, University of Westminster 
Pages, 40-63
Competing values: how viable are collaborative partnerships in the competitive environment of England’s education system?
Richard Bain, Sunderland University 
Pages, 64-87

Dialogue and Debate

Looking before you leap: reflecting on Portwood’s design process of doctoral projects
Margaret A Volante, Gordon Weller, Derek Portwood, Middlesex University, London
Pages, 88-112
Leadership development; Reflective insights from a female Head of Education and Senior Lecturer in Nutritional Science.
Michelle Barrow, Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management, Wokingham, Berkshire |Middlesex University, London.
Gordon Weller, Celia Bell, Linda Bell, Middlesex University, London 
Pages, 113-139
Inclusive Education and Work Based Learning- Managing a Process of Change: The Arguments of Jennifer Todd, Thomas and Loxley
Elda Nikolou Walker, Middlesex University, London
Pages, 140-154